February 26, 2010


This is a selection from the "Double Jeopardy" riddim. "Double Jeopardy" was actually co-produced by dancehall songstress Ce'Cile and Cordell "Scatta" Burrell (of "Coolie Dance" riddim fame) and was in the early numbers of Greensleeves riddim albums (lucky #13, in fact).

I remember Alozade as being an incarcerated deejay (waaay before Jah Cure). As a matter of fact, this guy had a whole riddim produced in support of him being released from prison way back in 1999 ("Bondage" riddim, a 1-drop riddim released as a "Riddim Driven" LP on VP Records.).

This was a stand-out track on a "Double Jeopardy" run I had on an old mix CD I copped from West Philly's Enforcer records back in the '02 (I can't remember who's mix it was for the life of me.......large up Billy Banton and the entire Enforcer crew!!!).

Alozade "Phenominal"

February 22, 2010

Trod Mt. Zion

Roots & Culture.

One of my favorites from Sizzla's 2002 LP "Da Real Thing".

Sizzla "Trod Mt. Zion"

February 18, 2010

Virtuous Woman

Here's a throwback! Big big tune from Warrior King on the "Zion Gate" riddim circa 2001/'02.

Warrior King "Virtuous Woman"

Ghetto Red Hot

Classic from the Don Dada Super Cat.

"Ghetto Red Hot"
Watch the music video

nite cap selections.

I'm taking this opportunity to announce t he launch of "Blood Clot Face's" sister blog, "nite cap selections."

"nite cap selections" is focused on Downtempo music. I use Downtempo as a general classification of music of all genre's that give a general sense of relaxation and happiness. Downtempo is also great vibes for the bedroom.

I chose the name "nite cap selections" after a few CD compilations I made under my DJ alias, "SilkeeSmoov", years ago when I was still working at Armand's Records in Philadelphia.

Mixes are also in the works for this project, so please feel free to check it out. I'm always open to feedback, so please email me with any suggestions. (doubleLp4@gmail.com)


One of my favorites from 2007-08.

Serani/Bugle "DOH"

February 15, 2010

Good Life.

Here's some rub-a-dub lover's 1-drop action for that love hangover from this past Valentine's weekend.

Cocoa Tea "Good Life"


I was listening to one of Bobby Konders' "'90s Hardcore Ragga Dancehall" mixes that he did for Greensleeves Records recently and stumbled upon this slept-on classic.

This was back when Merciless was one of the hottest deejays on the scene.

Merciless "Mavis"

February 13, 2010

Wanna Get Next To You

You guessed it. I got a theme going on here for Valentine's weekend. Here is another great cover of a classic American soul record.

"I Wanna Get Next To You" (click that title to hear the original version) was originally released in 1977 and performed by Rose Royce (of "Carwash" fame).

This 2009 1-drop version is by Courtney John. Definitely check out his album "Made In Jamaica". It's a really good record and it goes against my "there is no good new music out" stance. :D

Courtney John "I Wanna Get Next To You"

February 12, 2010


I found this CD in my storage locker a few weeks ago and thought I'd share.

The CD is a split mix that Bo Bliz & I did back in the summer of 2002. I started off with a 30 minute dancehall demo and he finished off with a 30 minute hip-hop demo.

Looking back it was a pretty decent mix. This was way back when the Diwali riddim burst onto and took over the scene.

Check out Bo Bliz & Emynd over at www.crossfadedbacon.com.

double L dancehall demo by doubleL

If I Ever...

More Valentine's Day vibes.

Another big hit from Sanchez on the Real Rock riddim, Stone Love label.

This song is a cover of the original R&B hit from early '90s group Shai.


Sanchez "If I Ever Fall In Love Again"

I Can't Wait.

Now for some Valentine's Day vibes.

Classic from Sanchez.

"I Can't Wait"


Saw this recently at the SOUL SIDES blog. Classic tune from 1967 by the late Byron Lee and his Dragonaires.

This track is a cover of the original "Get Out My Life Woman" by American blues musician Albert King.

The Byron Lee version is on the Dynamic label.

Albert King version.

February 11, 2010

Caan Dun

I'm back!

First I'm gonna start off by saying thanks to all of you who still check in around here. I've been on blog-hiatus for a few months but am back.

I am really having a rough time with finding new tracks that really get me hype. Dancehall seems to have slowed down a lot within the past few years and has really started to bore me. I haven't heard anything nor have I really been searching out any new tracks. (If you got something that's FIRE, than please share with me. Link me at that gmail address to your right over there please.)

Since my last post waaaaay back in November, Imeem has joined forces with Myspace music. This is why you can't listen to any of the back-logged music on this blog. Let me tell you, I CAN'T STAND MYSPACE! I tried to play around with the music players and everything has just gotten more complicated, inna true Myspace style.

I am in the process of trying out other embeddable players. First up is DivShare. Let's see how this works.

Until I hear something new that's worth sharing, I'm gonna post classics that get me feeling good and reminiscent (how old-head of me!) I'm starting off with a classic from what Greensleeves records calls "Jamaica's National Anthem", the Punanny riddim. This track was produced by the King Jammy's label (circa 1991) and is by Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon, aka Shabba Ranks.

"Caan Dun", Classic slackness!