October 30, 2008

Congratulations Phillies!!

It is really great to see a major Philladelphia sports team win a championship.
Philly sports fans are the most intense, so I can only imagine the mayhem last night.
Of the ten years I spent as a resident of the city of Philadelphia, I witnessed great teams not go the whole way: from the Sixers (lead by Allen Iverson) taking the East and beating the Lakers in game 1 of the finals back in 2000, only to be swept in the following 4 games. To the Eagles who play so well but seem to always come up short in the post season.
I'm not a big baseball fan, but this definitely made me proud. 
I'll get back to the music a little lata.

October 27, 2008

Give It Up

This track is getting the most plays on my iPod as of late. A simple, catchy drum pattern and deep bassline accompanied by the swift, witty back-and-forth lines between Ward 21 and Timberlee give this track great crossover potential. 

October 25, 2008

Oktoberfest Juggling

'Tis the season.
This is a mix of most of the new tunes/riddims out now, sprinkled with more current hits. Included are the new Beauty & the Beast riddims, as well as new Demarco tracks and the Supa Dups remix of John Legend's "Can't Be My Lover" featuring Buju Banton
So kick back with a couple pints and enjoy!

1. elephant man - cash register (cash register riddim)
2. vybz kartel - set up mi life (cash register riddim)
3. vybz kartel - squeeze (big league riddim)
4. busy signal - see it deh now (big league riddim)
5. bugle - migraine (big league riddim)
6. demarco - spend pon dem (big league riddim)
7. serani - make money (big league riddim)
8. raine seville - position (big league riddim)
9. tony matterhorn - fuck or not (big league riddim)
10. voicemail - gimmie gal (big league riddim)
11. bling dawg - from you violate (big league riddim)
12. bramma - wine up (big league riddim)
13. munga - waan cash (big league riddim)
14. elephant man/demarco - broomie (big league riddim)
15. elephant man/demarco - our world
16. demarco - badman court
17. demarco - war dem all day & night
18. demarco - gal a u (outada riddim)
19. fambo - no secret fi u (outada riddim)
20. buju banton - girls dem tired (outada riddim)
21. spice - me bless (outada riddim)
22. pamputae - nuh lovie dovie ting (outada riddim)
23. sketelina - pussy drop asleep (outada riddim)
24. timberlee - we nuh give a (outada riddim)
25. ward 21/timberlee - give it up
26. assassin - dem nuh look nuh gal (look gal riddim)
27. assassin - line fi line (look gal riddim)
28. lady ali - hype all you want (look gal riddim)
29. monsta empire - daggering (look gal riddim)
30. flippa mafia - dem yah (look gal riddim)
31. busy signal - cool baby
32. busy signal - wine up wine up (round of applause riddim)
33. mr. vegas/meistro - round of applause (round of applause riddim)
34. elephant man - dancing ring (round of applause riddim)
35. elephant man - wine fi me (beauty riddim)
36. wayne wonder - stay close (beauty riddim)
37. ishawna - ladies night (beauty riddim)
38. chino - style it (beauty riddim)
39. wayne marshall - dance (beauty riddim)
40. mr. vegas - deh pon di scene (beauty riddim)
41. serani - we grow (beauty riddim)
42. laden - anytime (beauty riddim)
43. shermaine - burning (beauty riddim)
44. demarco - no fear (the beast riddim)
45. idonia - badman step (the beast riddim)
46. mavado - gangsta nuh play (the beast riddim)
47. vybz kartel - kill dem (the beast riddim)
48. bugle - hypocrite friend (the beast riddim)
49. elephant man - ready fi march (the beast riddim)
50. beenie man - buffer zone (gearbox riddim)
51. spice - up inna the light (gearbox riddim)
52. blond ras - don't run in (gearbox riddim)
53. tony matterhorn - hey gal (gearbox riddim)
54. erup - click mi fingers (gearbox riddim)
55. demarco - girl you turn me on
56. demarco/lady saw - don't matter
57. aisha davis - say my name (pure white riddim)
58. delly ranx - love is lovely (pure white riddim)
59. junior reid - never let you go (pure white riddim)
60. konshens - runnin away (pure white riddim)
61. brick & lace - cry on me
62. john legend/buju banton - can't be my lover (supa dups remix)
63. jah cure/keisha cole - call me

October 22, 2008

Can't Be My Lover

Latest production from the Black Chiney camp, Buju Banton performs longside John Legend on the reggae remix of "Can't Be My Lover".
Production by Supa Dups.
Super smooth as always.

Energy God (late additions...)

2 more tracks to add to the Beauty & Beast riddims, both courtesy of the Energy God, Elephant Man

Beauty & the Beast (no Disney ting...)

2 new riddims produced by Tetimus (Ward 21) & Daseca that are blowing up the internets. 
The "Beauty" riddim is reminicent of past riddims such as Diwali & Bubble Up.
Smooth and sexy, it features a track by Wayne Wonder, an artist that I haven't heard anything new from in a hot minute.
The "Beast" riddim is the polar opposite of the Beauty. Gritty & a bit gangsta, it is the yang to the Beauty's ying. If you notice, all the badman deejay's are on the Beast: Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Idonia, etc.
You need this in your life. 
BEAUTY riddim
  • laden "anytime"
  • shermaine "burning"
  • bramma "daggeration"
  • wayne marshall "dance"
  • mr. vegas "deh pon di scene"
  • ishawna "ladies night"
  • voicemail "put it up"
  • wayne wonder "stay close"
  • chino "style it"
  • serani "we grow"
  • version

BEAST riddim
  • idonia "badman a step"
  • konshens "don't leave it"
  • mavado "gangsta no play"
  • bugle "hypocrite friend"
  • vybz kartel "kill dem"
  • demarco "no fear"
  • black ryno "shot a buss"
  • version
BEAST riddim


Lots of good music is being released right now, but I'm having very little time this week to share with you guys. I apologize and appreciate your patience. 
I'm still trying to get 2 mixes up for this week, btw.
I just got this new track from Baby Cham called "Hope". This track is very timely, just listen to the words.
I'm gonna take this opportunity to remind all my US citizens out there to make sure you get out and vote on election day. This is the most important election of our generation's lifetime. If you didn't register, well, you really can't complain about what's going on because you are doing nothing about it.

October 21, 2008

*edit* Rice & Peas

*Sorry about how vague this post was yesterday. I was having HTML issues with posting up the flyer. But here are the details for the party tonight: 9:30-4am, music by Federation Sound, DJ Gravy, Weed Kalonge, DJ Maya & Micro Don, Orijahnal Vibes, & DJ Ace. It's $5 all night (you can't beat that price for an NYC party!), and there will be live performances by the ladies of the hour: Timberlee, Natalie Storm, & Tifa.*

This wednesday it's going down at Santos (100 Lafayette, NYC. N, Q, R, W, 6 to Canal St.) for the TNT..3 Tha Hard Way CD from Federation Sound. Get your copy if you havent' already! 

Here are some music videos from the special guests that evening:


October 17, 2008


This week I had the honor of contributing an artist review to my Chicago brethren K's blog, "Analog Giant". I decided to write about Cham
The last time I saw Cham was in December 2006 at this club in Philly called "Pinnacle". I have to say that his performance was top notch amongst all the other dancehall/reggae artists that I've seen live. 
Check out the post here.
Make sure to keep up with Analog Giant for the latest in good music and culture.
I do have Cham tracks to offer y'all. Here you go:

  • rudebwoy pledge (stage show riddim)
  • yeah (federation/cipha sounds remix) w/usher/ludacris/lil jon
  • no cocomania w/spragga benz (swing easy riddim)
  • this is why i'm hot (reggae remix) w/mims/junior reid
  • tables will turn w/foxy brown
  • turnin me on w/nina sky (kopa riddim)
  • many many (haunted riddim)
  • desperate measures (kiki riddim)
  • girl w/jimmy cheesetrix (pretty pretty riddim)
  • ghetto story (85 riddim)
  • gallang ya gal (showtime riddim)
  • vitamin s (fiesta riddim)

  • Party Time

    This isn't the official mix for this week. As a matter of fact, I've fallen a little behind on that project. Please forgive me. I promise I will deliver 2 mixes for y'all next week.
    I did do this party mix just for my own general promotion. So, if you want to hear me play music besides reggae & dancehall, this is where you can do it until I get booked for my next event that's not a reggae event. 
    I'm mixing rap, r&b, reggae, & Baltimore club music all together to make an hour of non-stop party rockin.
    You will, however, have to visit my myspace music page to listen and/or download it.
    Here's the tracklist:

    1. kanye west - heartless
    2. t.i./kanye west - swagger like us
    3. kanye west/chris martin - homecoming
    4. m.i.a. - paper planes
    5. david banner/lil wayne - shawty say
    6. t.i./swizz beats - swing your rag
    7. jay-z - jockin jay-z
    8. ron browz/jim jones - pop champagne
    9. soulja boy - donk
    10. beyonce - single ladies
    11. 50 cent - get up
    12. kardinal off!shall/akon - dangerous
    13. tony matterhorn/e-40/t-pain - goodas (u & dat) (kenny meez remix)
    14. serani - no games
    15. bugle - what dem doing
    16. erup/management - way we roll
    17. erup - set the pace
    18. beenie man - since him dis
    19. buju banton - water man
    20. erup - click mi fingers
    21. timberlee/ward 21 - bubble like soup
    22. crooklyn clan - ladies
    23. dmx/mr. vegas/sean paul - top shotta
    24. 112/spragga benz/lady saw - na na na na (reggae remix)
    25. baby cham/nina sky - turnin me on
    26. elephant man - father elephant
    27. enur/natasja - calabria 2008
    28. pitbull/lil jon - the anthem
    29. pitbull/machel montano - move, shake, drop
    30. pitbull/lil jon - krazy
    31. john legend/andre 3000 - green light
    32. kanye west - love lock down
    33. krazy b - handclap
    34. kw griff - break it down
    35. rod lee - feel me
    36. dj class - light dat ass up
    37. dukeyman - keep on dancing
    38. emynd - to all my haters
    39. n.e.r.d./kanye west - everyone nose (remix)
    40. jazmine sullivan - bust your windows


    October 16, 2008

    Pure White affair...

    I really haven't posted anything but dancehall here, with exception to my "One Drop mix", but I got some niceness for y'all today inna Lover's Rock style.
    It's the "Pure White" riddim, from Open Ear productions. This isn't fresh off the press, but still in it's infancy. Great rub-a-dub material, these are mostly love songs with exception to the Esco selection. 

    • lutan fyah "ever since"
    • andrew & wada blood "i will be the 1"
    • esco "keep it real"
    • delly ranx "love is lovely"
    • junior reid "never let you go"
    • konshens "runnin away"
    • aisha davis "say my name"
    • pure white version

    October 15, 2008


    New dance for Elephant Man's tune on the "Self Defense" riddim.  Respect to my brethren Perry Levy for the look out.

    Big League

    Produced by Demarco & Star Kutt, "Big League" is a big big riddim inna di dancehall right now. Mid-tempo and dancey, this should be great for a nice wine. 
    There is no version available, to my knowledge, but enjoy!

    • bling dawg "from you violate"
    • bramma "wine up"
    • bugle "migraine"
    • busy signal "see it deh now"
    • demarco "spend pon dem" (clean)
    • demarco "spend pon dem" (dirty)
    • elephant man & demarco "broomie"
    • konshens "proper"
    • mr. g "no cradle"
    • munga "waan cash"
    • raine seville "position"
    • serani "make money"
    • tony matterhorn "fuck or not"
    • voicemail "gimmie gal"
    • vybz kartel "squeeze"

    October 14, 2008

    Wine Yu Waist.

    New dancehall/housey crossover track from Danish production team Enur. The track is actually called "Wine" & features Beenie Man & Natalie Storm (one of the ladies featured on the new Federation "TNT..3 tha hard way" mix CD.)
    Enur produced this years' hit "Calabria" featuring the late Natasja which is actually an older house track, of the same name, created by Danish producer Rune and was remixed for the latest re-lick. Pitbull & Lil' Jon also recorded a track on the version as well, and many other artists have recorded more remixes, such as Washington Heights native MIMS and Soca superstar Machel Montano.
    "Wine" keeps with the "Calabria" vibe and is sure to keep dancefloors everywhere super hot this winter.

    October 13, 2008

    more Demarco.

    Just got this joint & it's blowing up the internets! The latest artist to spit on Lil Wayne's "A Millie" track, Demarco handles his business and delivers that heat to rekindle the flame that set the clubs and radio on fire all summer long. 

    October 11, 2008


    This weeks mix is keeping with the Busy Signal album release theme. I've put together a 35 minute mix of my favorite Busy tracks, old & new.
    Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    1. loaded (warning riddim)
    2. hey girl (warning riddim)
    3. borderline (air waves riddim)
    4. jah protect us (dark again riddim)
    5. money we say (silent river riddim)
    6. badman place w/mavado
    7. powercut (powercut riddim)
    8. believe me nuh man (borderline riddim)
    9. you now (atomic bomb riddim)
    10. all because of you w/tami chin (throwback giggy riddim)
    11. cool baby
    12. tic toc
    13. step out (slingshot riddim)
    14. we going down (ice breaka riddim)
    15. make she stamma (day rave riddim)
    16. lu lu lu (smash riddim)
    17. up into the club (r.a.w. riddim)
    18. wine pon di edge (chromium riddim)
    19. do dat (sand fly riddim)
    20. let's get busy (bad english riddim)
    21. jail
    22. unknown number
    23. my world
    24. i love you (heart strings riddim)

    October 10, 2008

    T.N.T. (not Trinidad & Tobago...)

    The latest from Federation Sound is a mix featuring 3 of the hottest female deejays in dancehall music right now: Timberlee, Natalie Storm, & Tifa. Hence the name "T.N.T. 3 the Hard Way".
    This is the third installment of a new mix series focusing on individual artists/crews. The first was with Wayne Marshall and the second was with Chino & Big Ship Productions.
    All these mixes are solid, but this one really stands out because it features the bad gals on the scene. Dancehall music is mainly male-driven, so this is very refreshing.
    Tough/slack tracks on beats like "A Milli", "Lip Gloss" & "Ching A Ling" as well as on older classics like "Kuff" & "Twice My Age" make this mix super unique. It's put together well.
    Timberlee is best known out of the three for her hit longside Ward 21 on the Rae riddim, "Bubble Like Soup". 
    Natalie Storm & Tifa are regulars on what seems to be every new riddim that is released. Big tings a gwaan!


    FEDERATION is: Max Glazer, Kenny Meez, Alric & Boyd, & Disco D. (RIP)
    Link them for your copy. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS MIX!!!!

    October 7, 2008


    Another of my favorite deejays at the moment is Busy Signal. The first track that made me really start paying attention to him was "Step Out", from the Slingshot riddim.
    Since then, he's done nothing but blow up all over the dancehall scene with his fellow, at the time rookie, Alliance members Mavado & Idonia. 
    He has just released a new LP, "Fully Loaded". Click HERE to purchase your copy from VP Records.
    Also, a reminder to everyone in the NYC area, the official release party for Busy Signal's "Fully Loaded" LP is tomarrow night at Santos @ 100 Lafayette St. (N, Q, R, W, J, M, Z, or 6 to Canal St.)

    Below I've put together a few of my favorite Busy Signal tracks to share.
    .RAR file includes:
    • Tic Toc ("Loaded" LP)
    • I Love You (heart strings riddim)
    • Powercut (powercut riddim)
    • Step Out (slingshot riddim)
    • All Because of You w/Tami Chin (throwback giggy riddim)

    October 5, 2008

    Warlord mega-mix.

    This weeks mix is what I originally had in mind for the "Artist Spotlight" section. A sorta "best of" mix from the artist. Who, in this case, is the Warlord from War Yard, Bounty Killer.
    I tried to keep it within the length of a CD, around 80 minutes. It ended up going 2 seconds over. Close enough, right?

    1. ghetto dictionary (hypocrites riddim)
    2. lord is my light & salvation (taxi riddim)
    3. roots, reality & culture (real rock riddim)
    4. it's ok (drop leaf riddim)
    5. say your leaving (istanbul riddim)
    6. coppershot 
    7. dem punk ya
    8. down in the ghetto
    9. another level w/baby cham (bug riddim)
    10. look (bug riddim)
    11. go dead (bad boys riddim)
    12. when the smoke clears f/wayne marshall (trilogy riddim)
    13. all out (trilogy riddim)
    14. hunt it (cashley riddim)
    15. far we come from (inspector riddim)
    16. bed bruk down (sweat riddim)
    17. guns we buss (nookie riddim)
    18. mystery is the man (rice & peas riddim)
    19. magnet f/richie stevens (quicksand riddim)
    20. eyes a bleed
    21. high grade (dreaming riddim)
    22. no more suffering
    23. killer for all seasons (kasablanca riddim)
    24. fitness f/angel doolas (g-string riddim)
    25. cellular phone (peanie peanie riddim)
    26. fed up (fed up riddim)
    27. benz & bimma (benz & bimma riddim)
    28. living dangerously w/barrington levy
    29. suspense (hot wax riddim)
    30. ask fi war (hot wax riddim)
    31. worthless bwoy (haunted riddim)
    32. eagle & hawk (showtime riddim)
    33. dem fi get (full draw riddim)
    34. top billing (katana riddim)
    35. bawling (mexican riddim)
    36. badman (prayer) (assault rifle riddim)
    37. alliance you diss (12 gauge riddim)
    38. from dem dis w/idonia (12 gauge riddim)
    39. drop bullet (powercut riddim)
    40. me nuh bow (trifecta riddim)
    41. paint brush (career riddim)
    42. struggle f/wayne marshall (mad ants riddim)
    43. come on (famine riddim)
    44. killing a killing (stepz riddim)
    45. stand firm (thrilla riddim)
    46. get mi mad (chrome riddim)
    47. gal fi sen on (jonkanoo riddim)
    48. man a killa (allo allo riddim)
    49. sufferer (diwali riddim)
    50. raging storm (masterpiece riddim)
    51. beauty queen (strip down riddim)
    52. bad boy w/brick & lace
    53. drive me crazy f/jully black (top speed riddim)
    54. gal dem want w/demarco (top speed riddim)
    55. gunz a rule (mad guitar riddim)
    56. i get so high w/vybz kartel & baby g (high altitude riddim)
    57. warlord walk (military riddim)
    58. badman anthem (blackout riddim)
    59. yu gwaan (coolie dance riddim)
    60. four seasons (bad belly riddim)
    61. mek gal bawl
    62. raffle (afta 8 riddim)
    63. bad man no fish (hill top riddim)
    64. no special reason (energize riddim)
    65. the greatest f/fiona (hydro riddim)
    66. mr. wukmore (wanted riddim)
    67. sadda dem (good to go riddim)
    68. folitician (dem time deh riddim)
    69. man a bad man w/ t.o.k (juice riddim)
    70. bakardi slang (remix) w/kardinal off!shall

    October 3, 2008


    Happy Friday!
    Here are some new Elephant Man tunes. More coming later!

  • Bruck It
  • Dawg A Bark


    October 1, 2008

    Unfinished Business..take 2

    Alright. So my last "Unfinished Business" post got deleted because of some skeptical "technical difficulties".
    I was vexed because I asked permission to post what I did but yet I violated some sort of copyright ordinance, but I'm over it. It's really not worth going off about. The track is aight, at best.
    For the record, this has nothing to do with Benja Styles. I asked his permission before posting the last time. He's my dog and I respect his skill and professionalism. Also, for the record, the track I posted yesterday IS the version being played on Hot 97 and on BBC 1XTRA.
    So, that aside, I'm gonna try this again. ABSOLUTELY NO REMIXES THIS TIME. No confusion, please.
    Unfinished Business is a hot commodity in the dancehall right now. Incredible crossover appeal (I'm surprised that there is no Sean Paul track). Here is the full riddim with the version (instrumental).
  • Assassin - "Guide & Protect"
  • Beenie Man - "Since Him Dis"
  • Beniton/Marvin Priest - "No Air"
  • Bugle - "What Dem Doing"
  • Buju Banton - "Waterman"
  • Chico - "No Weak Heart"
  • Erup - "Set The Pace"
  • Erup/Management - "Way We Roll"
  • Flippa Mafia - "Rolling Deep"
  • Harry Toddler - "Real Friends"
  • Monster Shack Crew - "Bad Fi Who"
  • New Kidz - "Nastiness"
  • Serani - "No Games"
  • Spice - "Quint It"
  • Voicemail - "We Nuh Bow"
  • Demarco - "Wine Pon Di Ting"
  • Mavado - "So Special"
  • Daseca - Unfinished Business version
  • Enjoy the sample tracks.

    WinRAR help.

    I've been getting some questions from some of you guys who can't get the compressed files opened. Here is the key.
    Download WinRAR using the link below & install it. From then, you really don't even have to open the program. Just right-click on the compressed file and an "Extract to...." option should appear in the menu.
    Click that, and you're in business.