October 11, 2008


This weeks mix is keeping with the Busy Signal album release theme. I've put together a 35 minute mix of my favorite Busy tracks, old & new.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

1. loaded (warning riddim)
2. hey girl (warning riddim)
3. borderline (air waves riddim)
4. jah protect us (dark again riddim)
5. money we say (silent river riddim)
6. badman place w/mavado
7. powercut (powercut riddim)
8. believe me nuh man (borderline riddim)
9. you now (atomic bomb riddim)
10. all because of you w/tami chin (throwback giggy riddim)
11. cool baby
12. tic toc
13. step out (slingshot riddim)
14. we going down (ice breaka riddim)
15. make she stamma (day rave riddim)
16. lu lu lu (smash riddim)
17. up into the club (r.a.w. riddim)
18. wine pon di edge (chromium riddim)
19. do dat (sand fly riddim)
20. let's get busy (bad english riddim)
21. jail
22. unknown number
23. my world
24. i love you (heart strings riddim)

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