September 30, 2008


Do any of you remember the Puma commercials for the Jamaican track team for the 2004 summer games? The soundtrack was Elephant Man's "All Out" from the riddim by the same name.
I found a nice medley of them all.

And an older Jamaican Puma commercial:

And a funny Heineken commercial I saw for the first time today:

September 27, 2008

Y2K Flashback. (link fixed)

This weeks mix is a timewarp back about a decade, to the late '90s and the year 2000. It was around this time when I started DJing and was hanging out at the Jamaican afterhours spots (no matter where they were at) and hearing all these tunes and staying out till 7am sometimes.
I got a little carried away while recording the mix (it clocks in at 1 hour, 45 minutes, approx.), but it was well worth it and I'm very happy at how it sounds.
All tunes are from the 1990's and, at the latest, 2000. Riddims include Filthy, Baddis, Bug, Headache, Stink, Showtime, Bruckout, Hot Wax, and many many more.
Get ready for your trip back in time and enjoy your weekend!

1. frisco kid - what u up to (bug riddim)
2. baby cham - mek jamaica proud (bug riddim)
3. lady saw - dialtone (bug riddim)
4. bounty killer - look (bug riddim)
5. bounty killer/baby cham - another level (bug riddim)
6. wayne wonder - keep them coming (bug riddim)
7. beenie man/mr easy - tell me (bug riddim)
8. lexxus - full hundred (orgasm riddim)
9. mr vegas - girls time (orgasm riddim)
10. t.o.k - ginseng (orgasm riddim)
11. admiral bailey - action pack
12. tanya stephens - goggle (cloak & dagger riddim)
13. lady saw - hice it up (cloak & dagger riddim)
14. beenie man - oysters & conch (cloak & dagger riddim)
15. beenie man - crazy notion (headache riddim)
16. sean paul - next generation (headache riddim)
17. sean paul - infiltrate (playground riddim)
18. mad cobra - big gun (playground riddim)
19. spragga benz - strong performer (playground riddim)
20. mr vegas - nike air (playground riddim)
21. beenie man - who am i (playground riddim)
22. beenie man - slam (arab attack riddim)
23. buju banton - only man (arab attack riddim)
24. buju banton - how it ago go (joyride riddim)
25. wayne wonder/baby cham - joyride (joyride riddim)
26. wayne wonder - bashment girl (joyride riddim)
27. frisco kid - rubbers (joyride riddim)
28. tanya stephens - yuh nuh ready fi dis (joyride riddim)
29. lady saw - sycamore tree (joyride riddim)
30. baby cham/mr easy - strange things (joyride riddim)
31. baby cham - the mass (stink riddim)
32. frisco kid/wayne wonder - dreamland (stink riddim)
33. alley cat - hot gal (stink riddim)
34. captain barkey - go go wine (stink riddim)
35. beenie man - old dog (stink riddim)
36. shabba ranks - ting a ling
37. buju banton - batty rider (big it up riddim)
38. tanto metro/devonte/mega banton - big up yu status (big it up riddim)
39. tony curtis - badmind (kiki riddim)
40. mr vegas - double blank (kiki riddim)
41. t.o.k - lock down (kiki riddim)
42. baby cham - desperate measures (kiki riddim)
43. buju banton - opportunity (kiki riddim)
44. sean paul - disrespect (kiki riddim)
45. sean paul - deport them (bookshelf riddim)
46. beenie man - bookshelf (bookshelf riddim)
47. frisco kid/mr easy - bashment time (bookshelf riddim)
48. wayne wonder - watching you (bookshelf riddim)
49. sasha - dat sexy body (bookshelf riddim)
50. sasha - kill the bitch (bogle riddim)
51. capleton - stampede (bogle riddim)
52. buju banton - bogle (bogle riddim)
53. bounty killer - ask fi war (hot wax riddim)
54. bounty killer - suspense (hot wax riddim)
55. frisco kid - eye a bun dem (hot wax riddim)
56. mad cobra - gal a chat (hot wax riddim)
57. beenie man - memories (hot wax riddim)
58. beenie man - let him go (filthy riddim)
59. spragga benz - she nuh ready yet (filthy riddim)
60. lady g - ease off (filthy riddim)
61. degree - traffic blocking (filthy riddim)
62. mr vegas - heads high (filthy riddim)
63. mr vegas - jacket (baddis riddim)
64. degree - ms gotti (baddis riddim)
65. beenie man - number one (baddis riddim)
66. t.o.k/lady saw - hardcore lover (baddis riddim)
67. buccaneer - badman story (baddis riddim)
68. buccaneer - soconuma (warlord riddim)
67. bounty killer - warlord (warlord riddim)
68. general b/red rat - oh yes, oh no (warlord riddim)
69. red rat - dwayne (fig leaf riddim)
70. red rat - tight up skirt
71. mr easy - informer (brukout riddim)
72. baby cham - can i get a.. (brukout riddim)
73. baby cham - boom (brukout riddim)
74. mad cobra - war (brukout riddim)
75. wayne wonder - informer (brukout riddim)
76. wayne wonder - let your conscience set you free (brukout riddim)
77. bounty killer - anytime (brukout riddim)
78. t.o.k - eagle cry (brukout riddim)
79. frisco kid - forgotten (brukout riddim)
80. frisco kid - gal pon di side (showtime riddim)
81. frisco kid - sergeant wallace (showtime riddim)
82. shaggy - hot gal (showtime riddim)
83. bounty killer - eagle & hawk (showtime riddim)
84. baby cham - galang yah gal (showtime riddim)
85. baby cham - slurp (showtime riddim)
86. beenie man - hypocrite (showtime riddim)
87. red fox/rayvon - bashment party (showtime riddim)

September 24, 2008

Artist Spotlight::Warlord pt.2

Here are a few more of my favorites. A couple one-drops, showing Warlord's more "sensitive" side (Don Corleon riddims "Drop Leaf" & "Istanbul") and a hardcore dancehall classic longside Baby Cham on the "Bug" riddim.
The Bounty Killer catalog is so vast, it's really difficult to highlight my most favorite of his tracks. I tried my best with what I have on a digital format. I have so many more 45s in my storage locker that I need to rip to mp3.
Enjoy your hump-day!

September 23, 2008

Artist Spotlight::Bounty Killer

I've decided to periodically spotlight a favorite deejay and/or singer and share some of my favorite tracks with you.
My first artist to spotlight is Mr. Rodney Price, better known as Bounty Killer. He is also referred to as the Warlord & the Poor People Governor.
He is a veteran in the game and still puts out some "In Your Blood Clot Face" material. This is one of the reasons as to why I'm a big fan. 
His long-lasting feud with fellow dee-jay Beenie Man has produced some of the best dancehall tracks and plenty of dubplate material for clashing sounds, while internal feuds amongst members of his own Alliance crew (Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Busy Signal, Idonia, Wayne Marshall, etc.) as well as their conflicts with other crews, in more recent years has left a long-lasting mark on dancehall music. 
The tracks I'm making available are only a small selection of my favorites from his catalog. I might have to make this a multiple parts post.
Oh, I put an oldie, but goodie video up as well.

-Down In The Ghetto
-When The Smoke Clears f/Wayne Marshall (trilogy riddim)
-Four Seasons (bad belly riddim)
-Mystery Is The Man (rice & peas riddim)
-Sufferer f/Wayne Marshall (diwali riddim)
-No More Suffering
-Ghetto Dictionary (hypocrites riddim)
-Fed Up (fed up riddim)
-Roots, Reality & Culture (real rock riddim)
-Mek Gal Bawl
-High Grade Forever (lightning riddim)
-Ask Fi War (hot wax riddim) 

September 22, 2008

Oops! I Forgot...

I completely forgot to add this track to that .rar file I posted yesterday. Sorry people! This track, Tony Matterhorn "Cocky Partner", is slackness at it's best. I mean that in a good way.
The riddim has elements reminiscent of the "Gully Slime" riddim (Tony Matterhorn "Goodas", Mr. Peppa "Gangsta Guerilla", etc.)

September 21, 2008

Music to Share.

Originally I wanted to make my mixes available for download only. But, due to popular demand, I'll start posting download links for tracks featured. 
I'll start with an .rar file of all the tracks that I've already posted, plus a few more.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

-Sean Paul "Highest Grade"
-Demarco "Fallen Soldiers"
-Demarco "So Easy"
-Milion Stylez "Police In Helicopter" (police in helicopter riddim)
-Mr. Williamz "Babylon in Helicopter" (police in helicopter riddim)
-Estelle f/Sean Paul "Come Over" (remix)
-John Holt "Police In Helicopter"
-Tony Matterhorn "Never Stop" (day rave riddim)
-Vybz Kartel "WorkOut" (workout riddim)
-Alaine/8Bars "Flash Back to Dancehall" (10 lbs of kush riddim)
-Beenie Man "Jiggle Up" (10 lbs of kush riddim)
-Don Corleon/Sean Paul "Sweat" (10 lbs of kush riddim)
-Tony Matterhorn f/T.O.K & Sami T of Mighty Crown "Wave"


September 18, 2008


Here's a lil' something to help ease you into the weekend. This is a "review" of most of the tracks I've posted up recently, with a lot of tracks that I haven't. This mix is straight forward bashment. Starting off a little easy with a couple smooth Demarco tracks, then into an introductory run of a few new riddims, "Da Dyre" & "Vigor Yardy". 
Following the new segment, I go through some current dancehall staples, such as the "Day Rave", "Skydaggering", & "10 lbs of Kush " riddims while dropping a few one-off new tracks here & there (listen for the new Tony Matterhorn "Cocky Partner", FIRE!!!). 
Bounty Killer  comes tough with new track "Mek Gal Bawl" (large up to Kenny Meez of Federation for dat!).
It all ends on a smooth note with a couple new one-drops courtesy of veterans Beenie Man & Capleton.
If this doesn't get you in the mood for the weekend, I don't know what will!

1. demarco/lil wayne - my life (remix)
2. demarco - so easy
3. voicemail - rudebwoys (vigor yardy riddim)
4. chico/iceman - broken people (vigor yardy riddim)
5. luddy haskell - no gal caan (vigor yardy riddim)
6. higher tone - prayer a day (vigor yardy riddim)
7. einstein - shell dem down
8. bouncer - wise up (da dyre riddim)
9. cherokee kidd - romantic (da dyre riddim)
10. step up in life (da dyre riddim)
11. tony matterhorn - cocky partner
12. tony matterhorn - never stop  (day rave riddim)
13. elephant man/ding dong - dip again (day rave riddim)
14. chino - wine & touch your toe (day rave riddim)
15. vybz kartel/javinchi - weh dem a go (day rave riddim)
16. bramma - it's whatever (day rave riddim)
17. busy signal - mek she stamma (day rave riddim)
18. don corleone/sean paul - sweat (10 lbs. of kush riddim)
19. alaine/8 bars - flash back 2 dancehall (10 lbs. of kush riddim)
20. beenie man - jiggle up (10 lbs. of kush riddim)
21. elephant man - touch the floor
22. idonia - hundred stab (skydaggerin riddim)
23. spice - daggera (skydaggerin riddim)
24. chino - how dem nuh waah nuh gal (skydaggerin riddim)
25. t.o.k - show off (skydaggerin riddim)
26. tifa - nuh good (skydaggerin riddim)
27. bounty killer - mek gal bawl
28. beenie man - the more them fight me
29. capleton - same old story

*Click HERE to download.
*You can listen to the mix below.
*Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the mix, and about the blog itself!


September 17, 2008


If you were to ask me who my favorite Dancehall deejay/singers were at this moment, Demarco would definitely make my top 5. His current radio single/bashment banger "Fallen Soldiers" is all over Hot 97 at the moment.
Demarco has a very unique singjay style, which brings a freshness to the game. Melodic toughness at it's best. 
He has also co-produced many riddims in the recent past such as "Sidewalk University", "Gang War", & "Z-March". 
Enjoy these two tracks. The first is a brand new track produced by Daseca productions, "So Easy", followed by the current radio/club hit, "Fallen Soldiers".

September 15, 2008


This track is nuts!! I  can hear this in the middle of the evening, blasting off the party straight into outer space!
The track is called "Wave" and it is brought to you by Mr. "Mentally Ill", "The Man From Mars", Tony Matterhorn. Featured is T.O.K & Sammi T from sound clash champions, Mighty Crown.
Watch out, just listening to this made me sweat.


Not brand spanking new, but definitely worth mentioning. If you hang out at the dancehall clubs, you may have heard these tracks from the "10 Pounds of Kush" riddim already. 
This is the latest production from Donovan "Vendetta" Bennett aka Don Corleone, who has brought many classic riddims such as Egyptian, Drop Leaf, Seasons, Mad Ants, Krazy, Mad Guitar, Good To Go, and countless others.
First is Don Corleone longside Sean Paul, followed by the Beenie Man cut.

September 11, 2008

One Drop

For my first mix I went the one drop route, kicking off with the new Estelle "Come Over" remix featuring Sean Paul. Big big tune!!! I keep it moving on the lovers vibe then into an old school run of ganja tunes pon the "Swing Easy" riddim and into the big "Police In Helicopter" riddim I posted last. 
This is a short, but sweet mix, totaling about 30 minutes. Feel free to stream it here or download it for your mp3 player.

1. estelle/sean paul - come over (remix)
2. busy signal - i love you (heart strings riddim)
3. leftside - magazine (heart strings riddim)
4. tami chynn - what do i do now (heart strings riddim)
5. christopher martin - pretty lady (heart strings riddim)
6. chino - we burn dem (heart strings riddim)
7. buju banton/wayne wonder - what u gonna do (swing easy riddim)
8. buju banton - sensimilla persecution (swing easy riddim)
9. spragga benz/baby cham - no cocomania (swing easy riddim)
10. richie spice - high grade in my chalice (swing easy riddim)
11. john holt - police in helicopter
12. mr. williamz - babylon in helicopter (police in helicopter riddim)
13. million stylez - police in helicopter (police in helicopter riddim)
14. chronicle - chronic man (real rock riddim)
15. shinehead - collie weed
16. frankie paul - pass the kushempeng
17. jah cure - sticky


September 10, 2008

Police In Helicopter...

First, I need to big up mi brethren triplecrown for aiding me on my search for this riddim. Riddim wicked!!!

This is the newest relick of the classic ganja track"Police In Helicopter" by John Holt, originally released in 1983. 

The first is the lead track from the new relick, "Babylon In Helicopter" by Mr. Williamz, followed by the OG by John Holt, "Police in Helicopter"


September 8, 2008

::the toughest riddims outta yard:: (circa 2007)

This is where you can download your very own FREE copy of "In Your Blood Clot Face ::the toughest riddims outta yard::". This was originally released in the late winter/early spring of 2007. 
It is also a great starting point for those of you who haven't heard any of my mixes. It is what it says, in your face. 
FYI: this is a one track mix, not broken down into individual tracks. 
Please leave a comment if you download the mix. Enjoy.

Tracklist (also encoded on the mp3 file)
1. g13 come around intro
2. collie buddz - come around (kenny meez remix)
3. beyonce/collie buddz - ring the alarm (tranzformas remix)
4. baby cham - rudebwoy pledge (stage show riddim)
5. assassin - good over evil (stage show riddim)
6. pinchers - enemies (stage show riddim)
7. spice/pinchers - rudebwoy love (stage show riddim)
8. baby cham - tic toc
9. baby cham - ghetto story (phoenix remix/touch it riddim)
10. allison hinds - roll it (phoenix remix/touch it riddim)
11. busy signal - touch it (phoenix remix/touch it riddim)
12. beenie man - hmm hmm (freestyle/touch it riddim)
13. beenie man/foxy brown - hmm hmm (remix)
14. ward 21 - garrison (gully slime riddim)
15. mr. peppa - gangsta guerilla (gully slime riddim)
16. elephant man - ready fi di video (gully slime riddim)
17. tony matterhorn - goodas (gully slime riddim)
18. tony matterhorn _ pour a little liquor (bad belly riddim)
19. elephant man - fuck off (bad belly riddim)
20. t.o.k - guns pop off (bad  belly riddim)
21. bounty killer - four seasons (bad belly riddim)
22. ward 21 - think twice (bad belly riddim)
23. double L throwback medley (bellyas/bada bada riddims)
24. beenie man - let mi know (bad belly riddim)
25. mr. easy - try fi diss (bad belly riddim)
26. polindus - you dig (bad belly riddim)
27. red fox - bad belly (bad belly riddim)
28. beenie man - bullet proof vest (show off riddim)
29. bounty killer - bullet proof skin (show off riddim)
30. mavado -a nuh seh dem caan (show off riddim)
31. tony matterhorn/mr. easy - hot fuck (show off riddim)
32. lexxus dem nuh more dan u (full draw riddim)
33. bling dawg/macka diamond - safe sex (full draw riddim)
34. vybz kartel - woman a mi sunshine (full draw riddim)
35. t.o.k - full draw (full draw riddim)
36. mr. easy - gangsta life (full draw riddim)
37. bounty killer - dem fi get (full draw riddim)
38. elephant man - bruck out (full draw riddim)
39. elephant man - wine yuh flag (march out riddim)
40. t.o.k/monster twinz - jiggle it
41. beniton the menace - turn it up (hot fuck) (march out riddim)
42. vybz kartel - u hotta (march out riddim)
43. mavado - u can't escape (march out riddim)
44. wayne wonder - no time to talk (march out riddim)
45. bunji garlin - brrrt (march out riddim)
46. tony matterhorn - march out (march out riddim)
47. tony matterhorn - man from mars (sidewalk university riddim)
48. vybz kartel - beyonce wine (sidewalk university riddim)
49. tanto metro/devonte - shotta (sidewalk university riddim)
50. ward 21 - gully gun (sidewalk university riddim)
51. sean paul/wyclef - top a di top (sidewalk university riddim)
52. elephant man - stamina (bug out riddim)
53. cc - bounce right back (bug out riddim)
54. macka diamond - juke dem macka (bug out riddim)
55. lexxus - wait a minute (bug out riddim)
56. wayne marshall - dangerous (bug out riddim)
57. assassin - we no care u a who (bug out riddim)
58. tony matterhorn - start the party

Some Background Info..

Welcome to my blog!
My name is double L. I am a DJ who currently resides in the Bronx, NYC by way of Philadelphia, PA. My specialty is any music that has soul but, more specifically, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, R&B, Club Music, House, etc, etc... 
I've been involved in the DJ world for the past 10 years, rockin parties in the mid-Atlantic region from NYC & New Jersey to Philadelphia & its suburbs. I am 1/2 of G13 INTN'L alongside my colleague el Professor. G13 INTN'L is part of a larger crew, G13 SOUND, which is 8 members in all, specializing in all forms of music, and located across the country from NYC to Philadelphia to LA to North Carolina. 
G13 INTN'L specializes in West Indian music, primarilly Dancehall, Reggae, & Soca. Currently, we offer two mixtape series' for your listening pleasure.  The first is a Dancehall mix series, In Your Blood Clot Face (this blog's namesake), mixed by yours truly. Currently there is only one volume available.


The second is the Home for Carnival soca mix series, mixed by both myself and el Professor. Currently there are 4 volumes available. 

I will be posting mixes on a regular basis starting real soon. But for this first entry, I'll post tracks I'm feeling. 
Enjoy! The first mix is coming soon.