December 31, 2008

HAPPY 2009

Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Keep a look out for bigger and better things here at "Blood Clot Face" in the '09.

****I didn't upload this track. Imeem is hating right now, so I had to search for an already uploaded version. I'm telling you this because it is credited to the "Smash" riddim when in actuality it is the "RAW (Ready & Willing)" riddim.

I never half-step here. ;)

December 30, 2008

*CLASSIC* Born Jamericans

Here is some hip hop/reggae for y'all.
Hailing from Washington D.C., Edley Shine & Mr. Notch, collectively known as Born Jamericans, were at the forefront of the hip hop/reggae sub-genre of the early and mid-1990s.
These tunes are truly classic.

Some videos and tracks:




*CLASSIC* Surprise riddim

Classic riddim from the Black Shadow camp, circa 2002. Reminiscent of the late '90s "Bug" riddim, but with a little more oomph & crispness on the percussion side.
These selections will still mash-up any dance.
Black Shadow Records, based out of Florida, burst onto the dancehall forefront with the "Buzz" riddim, featuring the cross-over smash "Gimmie The Light" by Sean Paul.

  • assassin "diet"
  • mr. easy "silent killer"
  • bounty killer "killa"
  • sean paul "shake that thing"
  • elephant man "jamaica"
  • mr. vegas "who"
  • buju banton "paid not played"
  • wayne wonder "enemies"
  • spragga benz "pussy"
  • mad cobra "haunted"

December 26, 2008

*CLASSIC* Whoo a.k.a. The Doctor

A great riddim from the late '90s/early 2000's era (1999 to be exact), Whoo (aka The Doctor) riddim is a bashment classic produced by the one and only Tony "CD" Kelly (producer of riddims such as Bookshelf, Buy Out, Unda Wata, Kiki, Katana, etc. and other classic tracks such as Beenie Man & Chevelle Franklin's "Dancehall Queen", "Top Shotta" featuring DMX, Mr. Vegas & Sean Paul, and "Anything Goes" featuring CNN (Capone n Noreaga), Wayne Wonder, & Lexxus, + many more).
What I love about thw Whoo riddim is the synth-electronic melody with a low-end that punches you in the chest relentlessly.

  • beenie man "the doctor"
  • mega banton "what a gal"
  • hawkeye "miss u hole"
  • tanto metro & devonte "sensimilla"
  • lexxus "like it hot"
  • inspector grizzley "pigeon list"
  • sadeki "love how u tan"

December 24, 2008

Christmas Once a Year

Another classic from the Doctor, Beenie Man from 1995's "Hot Wax" riddim.
Happy Holidays everyone!

December 11, 2008

Sim Card.

Not for your phone, but a new hot riddim. I have no idea who produced this. If anybody knows, feel free to hit me up and let me know.
I haven't posted since pre-Thanksgiving and here we are, almost Christmas. How time flies!
I've been busy getting things together cause I'm moving. Hopefully once I get settled in I can return to a steady pace with this blog.
Happy Holidays!


November 26, 2008


You probably didn't expect to see a picture of Vybz Kartel here with a post title like "Love".
This is one of the songs I'm really feeling off of his new album "The Teacher's Back". Great vibe and flow here. Addi comes real smooth on this.
I'm telling you, when you see the album, buy it. It'll be well worth the money.
Lastly, to everyone in the US, Happy Turkey Day. We'll link this weekend.


November 24, 2008

Vice Kills Jamaica...

First off, large up the one Griff, representing the Netherlands, who put me on to this link.
About a year ago, Vice Magazine did a piece on dancehall music in Jamaica. Includes interviews with artists: Vybz Kartel, Chico, CeCile, etc. Both insightful and entertaining, I felt that I had to share with you guys.
Here is parts 1-9, in their entirety:

More stuff from Vice HERE

November 21, 2008

New Stuff..

It's been a whole week since I've last posted, and a few weeks since I've last posted a mix. Been real busy and I appreciate your patience.
There is a lot of good stuff coming out lately, and I'm getting together some material to record a couple new mixes ASAP.
For right now, though, I have some tracks that I'm blazin in my iPod for you.
First is a selection from Collie Buddz, Burro Banton, & Choppa called "Bust Out" on Massive B.'s new "Hard Grind" riddim. Next is three tracks from the much hyped "Clean Sweep" riddim: Tony Matterhorn & Pamputae "Some Do, Some Don't", Vybz Kartel "Kuff Kaff Kweff", & Bounty Killer "Social Responsibility".
Following that, I have two tracks from the upcoming album "The Teacher's Back" by Vybz Kartel: "Imagine" & "Addi Addi Addi". That album sounds like it's gonna set the entire reggae world on fire!
Again, thank you for your patience and I'll have a mix up this coming week!

November 14, 2008

Cry On Me

New one drop from the lovely ladies of Brick & Lace. I'll admit that when I first heard these gals I really wasn't feeling them. They had a couple tracks that were cool, but nothing that blew me away until this track.
"Cry On Me" is a heartfelt song with a beautiful melody. It is on my Oktoberfest Juggling mix which I posted a few weeks ago. (Click on "Oktoberfest Juggling" to go back to that post to listen or download it)


*CLASSIC* Superstar Riddim.

This is a nice classic that still burns today. It was produced by Andre "Rookie" Tyrell back in 2001 and features artists like Spragga Benz, Lady Saw, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Buju Banton, Tanto Metro, and Devonte.
The big hit(s) were "Backshot" by Spragga Benz & Lady Saw and "Jukin' Punny" by Sean Paul.
Riddim tough.

  • buju banton "all over me"
  • elephant man "jigga"
  • elephant man "more fire"
  • tanto metro & devonte "sweet symphony"
  • lady saw & spragga benz "backshot"
  • sean paul "jukin' punny"


November 13, 2008


New DJ Khaled featuring Rick Ross & Baby Cham.
This is a tough track, including a sample from dancehall classic "Budy Bye" by Johnny Osbourne.
This is gonna be BIG.

November 12, 2008

Black Man In The White House

A congratulatory track for President-Elect Obama from Sizzla Kalonji.

Gimmie Likkle

Not a new tune by any means, but still a heater in the dance. Beenie Man longside Sexy P.

November 11, 2008

Fallen Soldiers (Benja Styles REMIX)

Another one from Philly's own remix-master Benja Styles. This time it's the smash hit from this past summer "Fallen Soldiers" by Demarco remixed over the classic hip hop track "Wrong Side of the Tracks" from Newark, NJ's own Artifacts.
Perfect to chill in a dim-lit room blazing some greenery.
Hit up Benja Styles:,, http://benjastyles/

Dancing Paradise

New stuff from the Chimney Records camp. Riddim called "Ole Crep".
This is dancehall how I like it.
Elephant Man interpreting a current R&B track, in this case Rihanna & Ne-Yo's "Hate That I Love You", then breaking out into this crazy verse the way only Ele can.
Also included in the .rar are strong tracks by Serani & Fire Linx.

Come Over (video)

I saw this video for the first time early this morning on VH1 Soul. Good stuff.
If you haven't heard my mix for when this track first dropped, listen or download it HERE.
Check for the cameo from the Firestarter, Kardinal Off!shall.

Ricky Rudie

New tune from Bling Dawg, aka Ricky Rudie. "Bye Bye" has a classic dancehall feel. I'm not sure as to what the name of the riddim is or if there are other tunes pon it, but I will keep you posted.

November 6, 2008


..not from the Smurf's, but dancehall vet Buju Banton. Just some of my favs from his catalog. So many hits from the last decade & a half, I may have to post more up. (Usual protocol for artists of this caliber.)
Here you will find hits that encompass most of those 15 or so years, from timeless club tracks like "Bogle" to consciousness on tracks like " Hills & Valleys", to current hits like "Water Man".

  • a so w/tony rebel
  • massa god world w/wayne wonder
  • murderer
  • only man (arab attack riddim)
  • sensimilla persecution (swing easy riddim)
  • hills & valleys
  • one to one
  • ride this (sleepy dog riddim)
  • paid not played (surprise riddim)
  • opportunity (kiki riddim)
  • water man (unfinished business)
  • bogle
  • browning (tropical storm riddim)
  • not an easy road
  • tra la la (diwali riddim)
  • wanna be loved
*I'm pretty excited about this new player that I'm experimenting with. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think*


What the people gonna do?

New track that's pretty relevant to the times.
"What the People Gonna Do" courtesy of Sizzla on the Micro Chip riddim.


November 5, 2008


Such a great day yesterday. As everyone on the news said, we are all gonna remember where we were at when we heard President Obama won.
My girlfriend and I had just got off the 5 train at Gun Hill Rd. When we got upstairs, horns were honking, fists were in the air, celebration in the streets, and smiles everywhere as we found out that they made the announcement.
When I checked the NY Times on my BlackBerry, it said Obama had 271 electoral votes. What a feeling!
I have renewed faith in this system that George W. Bush almost destroyed. Everything looks a lot brighter now.

November 4, 2008

Funky President..

Here are a couple classics from the late, great Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Keeping confident, but not getting cocky, here's to putting some soul into the White House.
Funky President.mp3 - James Brown

The Boss.mp3 - James Brown


Record numbers of people voting today here in NYC, as should be everywhere. Please remember to vote.

-I have been slacking on here hard, but I'm working on revamping the look of this page, so please bear with me. Thank you for your patience, and

October 30, 2008

Congratulations Phillies!!

It is really great to see a major Philladelphia sports team win a championship.
Philly sports fans are the most intense, so I can only imagine the mayhem last night.
Of the ten years I spent as a resident of the city of Philadelphia, I witnessed great teams not go the whole way: from the Sixers (lead by Allen Iverson) taking the East and beating the Lakers in game 1 of the finals back in 2000, only to be swept in the following 4 games. To the Eagles who play so well but seem to always come up short in the post season.
I'm not a big baseball fan, but this definitely made me proud. 
I'll get back to the music a little lata.

October 27, 2008

Give It Up

This track is getting the most plays on my iPod as of late. A simple, catchy drum pattern and deep bassline accompanied by the swift, witty back-and-forth lines between Ward 21 and Timberlee give this track great crossover potential. 

October 25, 2008

Oktoberfest Juggling

'Tis the season.
This is a mix of most of the new tunes/riddims out now, sprinkled with more current hits. Included are the new Beauty & the Beast riddims, as well as new Demarco tracks and the Supa Dups remix of John Legend's "Can't Be My Lover" featuring Buju Banton
So kick back with a couple pints and enjoy!

1. elephant man - cash register (cash register riddim)
2. vybz kartel - set up mi life (cash register riddim)
3. vybz kartel - squeeze (big league riddim)
4. busy signal - see it deh now (big league riddim)
5. bugle - migraine (big league riddim)
6. demarco - spend pon dem (big league riddim)
7. serani - make money (big league riddim)
8. raine seville - position (big league riddim)
9. tony matterhorn - fuck or not (big league riddim)
10. voicemail - gimmie gal (big league riddim)
11. bling dawg - from you violate (big league riddim)
12. bramma - wine up (big league riddim)
13. munga - waan cash (big league riddim)
14. elephant man/demarco - broomie (big league riddim)
15. elephant man/demarco - our world
16. demarco - badman court
17. demarco - war dem all day & night
18. demarco - gal a u (outada riddim)
19. fambo - no secret fi u (outada riddim)
20. buju banton - girls dem tired (outada riddim)
21. spice - me bless (outada riddim)
22. pamputae - nuh lovie dovie ting (outada riddim)
23. sketelina - pussy drop asleep (outada riddim)
24. timberlee - we nuh give a (outada riddim)
25. ward 21/timberlee - give it up
26. assassin - dem nuh look nuh gal (look gal riddim)
27. assassin - line fi line (look gal riddim)
28. lady ali - hype all you want (look gal riddim)
29. monsta empire - daggering (look gal riddim)
30. flippa mafia - dem yah (look gal riddim)
31. busy signal - cool baby
32. busy signal - wine up wine up (round of applause riddim)
33. mr. vegas/meistro - round of applause (round of applause riddim)
34. elephant man - dancing ring (round of applause riddim)
35. elephant man - wine fi me (beauty riddim)
36. wayne wonder - stay close (beauty riddim)
37. ishawna - ladies night (beauty riddim)
38. chino - style it (beauty riddim)
39. wayne marshall - dance (beauty riddim)
40. mr. vegas - deh pon di scene (beauty riddim)
41. serani - we grow (beauty riddim)
42. laden - anytime (beauty riddim)
43. shermaine - burning (beauty riddim)
44. demarco - no fear (the beast riddim)
45. idonia - badman step (the beast riddim)
46. mavado - gangsta nuh play (the beast riddim)
47. vybz kartel - kill dem (the beast riddim)
48. bugle - hypocrite friend (the beast riddim)
49. elephant man - ready fi march (the beast riddim)
50. beenie man - buffer zone (gearbox riddim)
51. spice - up inna the light (gearbox riddim)
52. blond ras - don't run in (gearbox riddim)
53. tony matterhorn - hey gal (gearbox riddim)
54. erup - click mi fingers (gearbox riddim)
55. demarco - girl you turn me on
56. demarco/lady saw - don't matter
57. aisha davis - say my name (pure white riddim)
58. delly ranx - love is lovely (pure white riddim)
59. junior reid - never let you go (pure white riddim)
60. konshens - runnin away (pure white riddim)
61. brick & lace - cry on me
62. john legend/buju banton - can't be my lover (supa dups remix)
63. jah cure/keisha cole - call me

October 22, 2008

Can't Be My Lover

Latest production from the Black Chiney camp, Buju Banton performs longside John Legend on the reggae remix of "Can't Be My Lover".
Production by Supa Dups.
Super smooth as always.

Energy God (late additions...)

2 more tracks to add to the Beauty & Beast riddims, both courtesy of the Energy God, Elephant Man

Beauty & the Beast (no Disney ting...)

2 new riddims produced by Tetimus (Ward 21) & Daseca that are blowing up the internets. 
The "Beauty" riddim is reminicent of past riddims such as Diwali & Bubble Up.
Smooth and sexy, it features a track by Wayne Wonder, an artist that I haven't heard anything new from in a hot minute.
The "Beast" riddim is the polar opposite of the Beauty. Gritty & a bit gangsta, it is the yang to the Beauty's ying. If you notice, all the badman deejay's are on the Beast: Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Idonia, etc.
You need this in your life. 
BEAUTY riddim
  • laden "anytime"
  • shermaine "burning"
  • bramma "daggeration"
  • wayne marshall "dance"
  • mr. vegas "deh pon di scene"
  • ishawna "ladies night"
  • voicemail "put it up"
  • wayne wonder "stay close"
  • chino "style it"
  • serani "we grow"
  • version

BEAST riddim
  • idonia "badman a step"
  • konshens "don't leave it"
  • mavado "gangsta no play"
  • bugle "hypocrite friend"
  • vybz kartel "kill dem"
  • demarco "no fear"
  • black ryno "shot a buss"
  • version
BEAST riddim