January 28, 2009


I'm about a week late posting this up, but heat is heat regardless of when you hear it first. This is a mix Kenny Meez of Federation Sound did for the peeps over at Mad Decent.

You shouldn't expect anything less from the dudes in Federation. I think if enough people listen to this mix at the same time it'll melt all the snow outside.

1. mad decent intro-federation sound
2. no sound like we (dubplate)-flippa mafia
3. bubble like soup (dubplate)-timberlee
4. sweep da floor (remix)-elephant man
5. got money/get money (remix)-mavado,vybz kartel
6. million by morning (remix)-vybz kartel
7. winner (remix)-konshens
8. life nice (remix)-vybz kartel
9. fallen soldiers (remix)-demarco
10. god nah sleep (remix)-demarco
11. sort dem out (remix)-demarco
12. unknown number (remix)-busy signal
13. lodge (dubplate)-bounty killer
14. gunny gunny-timberlee
15. no stress (dubplate)-timberlee
16. dead over you (dubplate)-natalie storm
17. crawny sound (dubplate)-tifa
18. back door delivery-timberlee
19. talk of town-tifa&natalie storm
20. look so hot-beenie man
21. its life-wayne wonder
22. overcome (remix)-mavado featuring martin luther king jr


Also, if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia on a Sunday evening, check out Kenny Meez longside Rob Paine of Solomonic Sound & King Asad for the MARINATE party. Trust me, this is the BEST Reggae party in Philadelphia hands down.

*CLASSIC* (that mix I was talking about)

Thanks to 893 for finding a link for that "Nervous Hip Hop" mix by Kenny Dope I mentioned in the past post.

So I thought I'd share. Last night I spliced it all together into 1-track and uploaded it. It's not a reggae mix, I know, but it is relevant to my previous Mad Lion post.
Strap on your backpack and enjoy your trip back to 1995!

1. wreck all-stars - hit 'em like this
2. the groove asylum - we love 'em
3. frankie the pacemaker - get lifted
4. live & die wreck - it's the bonus
5. black moon - how many emcees (must get dissed)
6. smif-n-wessun - bucktown
7. wreck all-stars - keep me dancin' (all night)
8. funkmaster flex - six million ways to die
9. black moon - who got the props? (nw smooth mix)
10. mad lion - take it easy
11. rek sh*t rebullz - bounce to the beat
12. funkmaster flex - butterfly style (live from madison square garden mix)
13. mad lion - shoot to kill (glock mix)
14. black moon - i got cha opin
15. smif-n-wessun - let's get it on
16. black moon - buck 'em down


January 27, 2009

*CLASSIC* Mad Lion

Blast from the past! Here are some classic gems from the London born, Jamaica raised, Bronx residing mc/deejay Mad Lion. Know best for his collaborations with KRS-One, Mad Lion's most popular singles were from his 1995 debut on Nervous Records "Real Ting".

The singles "Take It Easy" and "Shoot To Kill" were featured on an out-of-print (to my knowledge) classic mixtape by Kenny Dope called "Nervous Hip Hop". The mix was from all of the hottest Nervous hip hop releases at the moment, including material from Black Moon, Smif N Wessun, & Funkmaster Flex. (If anyone out there has a copy of this mix, please let me know. I lost mine years ago.)


January 26, 2009

*CLASSIC* Deportees (Things Change)

Here's another classic that I pulled from the vault this afternoon. This is pre-dread, clean shaven, young bol Buju Banton at his best.

This 12" was released on Mercury Records which was, back then, a part of PolyGram (now Universal Music Group) & produced by Donovan Germain of Penthouse Record's fame.



*CLASSIC* original Mr. Loverman

I was at my storage locker earlier today going through some of my vinyl (I haven't touched any of my records in almost 2 years!), and came across some gems in the first few boxes I filed through.

This is a 45 rpm 12" single of Shabba Ranks "Mr. Loverman" featuring Deborahe from 1988 on Jamaican label Anchor Records. If you remember, the "Maxi Priest-ish" version featuring Chevelle Franklin was released between 1992 and 1993 and featured a video that was broadcast on MTV.

This original version is more my favorite as it has more of a hardcore, mid-tempo dancehall production, as you will hear.

The B-side of the single is the "no singer" version, featuring just Shabba. I only ripped the A-side. If you would like a copy of the B-side, just link me and I'll hook it up.


January 22, 2009

*CLASSIC* Sizzla "Da Real Thing"

This record is one of the best reggae albums to come out in the past 10 years. VP Records released it in December of 2002, but it really didn't seem to blow up until later in 2003 and into 2004.

This record is solid all the way through with production by veteran Bobby "Digital" Dixon and instrumentation interpretation of some old Studio 1 riddims by the likes of Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser, Dalton Browne, Benjy Myaz, and many more.

Sizzla has his usual raspy, righteous delivery on each track, complementing the smooth vintage sound of each song's version.

I'm not sharing the entire album, but just some of my favorite tracks from it. I definitely recommend this record. As Vybz Kartel would say, it's "timeless."


*CLASSIC* Reggae Mega-Mix

This mix is a classic to me and a bunch of my friends at least. No one knows who mixed this. All I know is that he/she has a real smooth fader finger; it is precise and never has an off-cue or sloppy moment.

The first time I heard this mix was back when I was living in West Philadelphia around 1998 or 1999. One of my boys had most of this mix dubbed on a cassette and we would pass it around and jam it non-stop.

Needless to say, the cassette was lost eventually and none of us could find another copy until I found and bought a copy (the one pictured above) from a street vendor on 52nd st. in West Philly a few years later (I wanna say either 2002 or 2003). I was really excited to find it and glad to have a full copy.

It's separated into 2 sections, a then "New School" mix and an "Old School" mix. There is no break between the 2 as the mix flows straight through without missing a beat. There are a lot of standards on here, so it will most likely be tracks you haven't heard in a long time.

This CD brings back a lot of great memories, so I thought I'd share.

Here's the tracklisting:
1. the party mix intro
2. mr. vegas - heads high
3. lady g - ease off
4. beenie man - tell me
5. bounty killer - benz & bimma
6. bounty killer/barrington levy - living dangerously
7. beenie man - romie
8. beenie man - old dog
9. frisco kid - gal pon di side
10. beenie man - hypocrite
11. redd foxx/rayvon - bashment party
12. red rat - dwayne
13. red rat - tight up skirt
14. beenie man - memories
15. frisco kid - rubbers
16. tanya stephens - yuh nuh ready fi dis yet
17. lady saw - sycamore tree
18. sean paul - infiltrate
19. beenie man - who am i

20. beenie man - slam
21. sweet tea - breathe again
22. nerious joseph/tenor fly - my girl
23. bunny general - full up class
24. major mackeral - the showdown
25. rayvon - no guns no murder
26. dru hill - how deep is your love (smooth b REMIX)
27. brandy/monica - the boy is mine
28. capleton - tour (yard mix)
29. nardo ranks - burrup
30. shabba ranks - ting-a-ling
31. papa san - maddy maddy cry
32. johnny osbourne - buddy bye
33. barrington levy - here i come
34. shelly thunder - kuff
35. dawn penn - no, no, no (you don't love me)
36. sister nancy - bam bam
37. mega banton - sound bwoy killing


Arab Money REMIX

Heat-rock remix from the bol Benja Styles. I've had this since December, but never had a chance to put it up.
The remix features Mavado and his "So Special" verse from the Unfinished Business riddim.
Arab $$ bangs....

January 21, 2009

General Degree

I haven't heard anything notable from Degree (more formally, "General Degree") since the one drop hit "It No Matter" on the Doctor's Darling riddim (the same riddim as Tanya Stephens' "It's A Pity") of 2004.
Degree used to set it off back in the 1990s with a string of big dancehall hits on all the big riddims like Showtime, Filthy, Unda Wata, and Baddis.
Here are a few:


*Edit* I wanted to post a couple videos of his initially, so here we go:

TRAFFIC BLOCKING/MISS GOTTI (Filthy riddim medley)

UNDA WATA RIDDIM MEDLEY (with Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Machel Montano, Buccaneer, Sean Paul, & of course, Degree... aka Dancehall's Magnificent 7)