November 6, 2008


..not from the Smurf's, but dancehall vet Buju Banton. Just some of my favs from his catalog. So many hits from the last decade & a half, I may have to post more up. (Usual protocol for artists of this caliber.)
Here you will find hits that encompass most of those 15 or so years, from timeless club tracks like "Bogle" to consciousness on tracks like " Hills & Valleys", to current hits like "Water Man".

  • a so w/tony rebel
  • massa god world w/wayne wonder
  • murderer
  • only man (arab attack riddim)
  • sensimilla persecution (swing easy riddim)
  • hills & valleys
  • one to one
  • ride this (sleepy dog riddim)
  • paid not played (surprise riddim)
  • opportunity (kiki riddim)
  • water man (unfinished business)
  • bogle
  • browning (tropical storm riddim)
  • not an easy road
  • tra la la (diwali riddim)
  • wanna be loved
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pjroane said...

very nice Like the new stuff son keep it up yo