September 8, 2008

Some Background Info..

Welcome to my blog!
My name is double L. I am a DJ who currently resides in the Bronx, NYC by way of Philadelphia, PA. My specialty is any music that has soul but, more specifically, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, R&B, Club Music, House, etc, etc... 
I've been involved in the DJ world for the past 10 years, rockin parties in the mid-Atlantic region from NYC & New Jersey to Philadelphia & its suburbs. I am 1/2 of G13 INTN'L alongside my colleague el Professor. G13 INTN'L is part of a larger crew, G13 SOUND, which is 8 members in all, specializing in all forms of music, and located across the country from NYC to Philadelphia to LA to North Carolina. 
G13 INTN'L specializes in West Indian music, primarilly Dancehall, Reggae, & Soca. Currently, we offer two mixtape series' for your listening pleasure.  The first is a Dancehall mix series, In Your Blood Clot Face (this blog's namesake), mixed by yours truly. Currently there is only one volume available.


The second is the Home for Carnival soca mix series, mixed by both myself and el Professor. Currently there are 4 volumes available. 

I will be posting mixes on a regular basis starting real soon. But for this first entry, I'll post tracks I'm feeling. 
Enjoy! The first mix is coming soon.

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pjroane said...

Okay Seedwest do your thing will be checking your blog everday good luck fam