October 1, 2008

Unfinished Business..take 2

Alright. So my last "Unfinished Business" post got deleted because of some skeptical "technical difficulties".
I was vexed because I asked permission to post what I did but yet I violated some sort of copyright ordinance, but I'm over it. It's really not worth going off about. The track is aight, at best.
For the record, this has nothing to do with Benja Styles. I asked his permission before posting the last time. He's my dog and I respect his skill and professionalism. Also, for the record, the track I posted yesterday IS the version being played on Hot 97 and on BBC 1XTRA.
So, that aside, I'm gonna try this again. ABSOLUTELY NO REMIXES THIS TIME. No confusion, please.
Unfinished Business is a hot commodity in the dancehall right now. Incredible crossover appeal (I'm surprised that there is no Sean Paul track). Here is the full riddim with the version (instrumental).
  • Assassin - "Guide & Protect"
  • Beenie Man - "Since Him Dis"
  • Beniton/Marvin Priest - "No Air"
  • Bugle - "What Dem Doing"
  • Buju Banton - "Waterman"
  • Chico - "No Weak Heart"
  • Erup - "Set The Pace"
  • Erup/Management - "Way We Roll"
  • Flippa Mafia - "Rolling Deep"
  • Harry Toddler - "Real Friends"
  • Monster Shack Crew - "Bad Fi Who"
  • New Kidz - "Nastiness"
  • Serani - "No Games"
  • Spice - "Quint It"
  • Voicemail - "We Nuh Bow"
  • Demarco - "Wine Pon Di Ting"
  • Mavado - "So Special"
  • Daseca - Unfinished Business version
  • Enjoy the sample tracks.

    1 comment:

    F D B said...

    You're right, it surprised me too the fact that there is no Sean Paul tune on this riddim, it's just the kinda vybz he'd spit on.

    Well anyways, thank you for all these stuff man!