October 10, 2008

T.N.T. (not Trinidad & Tobago...)

The latest from Federation Sound is a mix featuring 3 of the hottest female deejays in dancehall music right now: Timberlee, Natalie Storm, & Tifa. Hence the name "T.N.T. 3 the Hard Way".
This is the third installment of a new mix series focusing on individual artists/crews. The first was with Wayne Marshall and the second was with Chino & Big Ship Productions.
All these mixes are solid, but this one really stands out because it features the bad gals on the scene. Dancehall music is mainly male-driven, so this is very refreshing.
Tough/slack tracks on beats like "A Milli", "Lip Gloss" & "Ching A Ling" as well as on older classics like "Kuff" & "Twice My Age" make this mix super unique. It's put together well.
Timberlee is best known out of the three for her hit longside Ward 21 on the Rae riddim, "Bubble Like Soup". 
Natalie Storm & Tifa are regulars on what seems to be every new riddim that is released. Big tings a gwaan!


FEDERATION is: Max Glazer, Kenny Meez, Alric & Boyd, & Disco D. (RIP)
Link them for your copy. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS MIX!!!!

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