January 22, 2009

*CLASSIC* Reggae Mega-Mix

This mix is a classic to me and a bunch of my friends at least. No one knows who mixed this. All I know is that he/she has a real smooth fader finger; it is precise and never has an off-cue or sloppy moment.

The first time I heard this mix was back when I was living in West Philadelphia around 1998 or 1999. One of my boys had most of this mix dubbed on a cassette and we would pass it around and jam it non-stop.

Needless to say, the cassette was lost eventually and none of us could find another copy until I found and bought a copy (the one pictured above) from a street vendor on 52nd st. in West Philly a few years later (I wanna say either 2002 or 2003). I was really excited to find it and glad to have a full copy.

It's separated into 2 sections, a then "New School" mix and an "Old School" mix. There is no break between the 2 as the mix flows straight through without missing a beat. There are a lot of standards on here, so it will most likely be tracks you haven't heard in a long time.

This CD brings back a lot of great memories, so I thought I'd share.

Here's the tracklisting:
1. the party mix intro
2. mr. vegas - heads high
3. lady g - ease off
4. beenie man - tell me
5. bounty killer - benz & bimma
6. bounty killer/barrington levy - living dangerously
7. beenie man - romie
8. beenie man - old dog
9. frisco kid - gal pon di side
10. beenie man - hypocrite
11. redd foxx/rayvon - bashment party
12. red rat - dwayne
13. red rat - tight up skirt
14. beenie man - memories
15. frisco kid - rubbers
16. tanya stephens - yuh nuh ready fi dis yet
17. lady saw - sycamore tree
18. sean paul - infiltrate
19. beenie man - who am i

20. beenie man - slam
21. sweet tea - breathe again
22. nerious joseph/tenor fly - my girl
23. bunny general - full up class
24. major mackeral - the showdown
25. rayvon - no guns no murder
26. dru hill - how deep is your love (smooth b REMIX)
27. brandy/monica - the boy is mine
28. capleton - tour (yard mix)
29. nardo ranks - burrup
30. shabba ranks - ting-a-ling
31. papa san - maddy maddy cry
32. johnny osbourne - buddy bye
33. barrington levy - here i come
34. shelly thunder - kuff
35. dawn penn - no, no, no (you don't love me)
36. sister nancy - bam bam
37. mega banton - sound bwoy killing



Anonymous said...

Whats good yall, copy that joint and sell it! I need to cop dat!

double L said...
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Anonymous said...

hey can u please repost the link i need this song for a newyears party